Hints & Solutions Edit

Highlight the white text inside the block for hints ranging from vague to specific...

Hint 1:
A bit of math is thrown into a standard logic puzzle.
Hint 2:
It helps to write out the totals of all possible score combinations (e.g., 17 + 37 = 54).
Hint 3:
Robin Hood, contrary to popular belief, is not always the best shot.
Hint 4:
Four of the five Merry Men hit the bulls-eye with at least one arrow.
Hint 5:
The winner of the contest got a perfect score.
Hint 6:

4 out of 5 archers got at least one bullseye

Hint 7:

The final scores and keyword is found in the next block of text. If you do not wish to be spoiled, please do not continue.

The Solution:
Robin Hood scored 0 + 100 = 100.

Friar Tuck scored 67 + 100 = 167. Allan-a-Dale scored 100 + 100 = 200. Little John scored 37 + 100 = 137. Will Scarlet needs practice because he only scored 0 + 67 = 67. The winner was Allan-a-Dale, which is also your keyword.

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