Hints & Solutions Edit

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Hint 1:

What mathematical phenomenon does a nautilus shell represent?

Hint 2:

Add it up


Starting at the center of the shell assign the fibonacci sequence numbers 1,1,2,3,5,8,13 to each box as you pass through it (these numbers are the actual length of each box edge with the first two boxes each being length of 1) Add the true length of the box edge to the given number and convert to letters for CHAIN LETTERS

2+1=3 -> C

7+1=8 -> H

0+1=1 -> A

8+1=9 -> I

12+2=14 -> N

10+2=12 -> L

2+3=5 -> E

17+3=20 -> T

15+5=20 -> T

0+5=5 -> E

10+8=18 -> R

6+13=19 -> S

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