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Hints & Solutions Edit

Highlight the white text inside the block for hints ranging from vague to specific...

Hint 1:

This is a letter deletion and insertion puzzle. The letter that you delete from the word in the left column will be added to a word in the second column. In all cases a new word will be formed, and that word will be food or drink related.
Hint 2:
Work from both sides of this puzzle. Sometimes the right side will help you get the left side and vice-versa.
Hint 3:
The first answers are "OATHS - H = OATS" and "PEASANT + H = PHEASANT"
Hint 4:
The next two answers are "SCONE and CREAM" and "WATER and MAIZE"
Hint 5:
The answer is found in the next block of text. If you do not wish to be spoiled, please do not continue.
The Solution:

2. S(C)ONE --> (C)REAM

3. WA(I)TER --> MA(I)ZE

4. BAN(D)ANA --> CHAR(D)

5. B(E)ACON --> ORANG(E)

6. S(T)AKE --> RABBI(T)

7. (S)LIVER --> (S)TEAK



10. TEA(R) --> P(R)AWNS

11. (H)EEL --> (H)ASH

12. TR(Y)OUT --> BRAND(Y)

13. P(L)ATE --> F(L)OUNDER

14. B(R)ASS --> SP(R)OUTS

15. (C)RIBS -->(C)HIPS



18. (F)OIL --> BEE(F)

19. CLAM(P)S --> (P)RUNES

20. TUR(N)KEY --> S(N)AILS

The shaded letters spell "HOT COAL CUTS N FOR DRINK".

Hot coal is "CINDER", subtract an "N" gives you "CIDER", which is the answer.

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