Hints & Solutions Edit

Highlight the white text inside the block for hints ranging from vague to specific...

Hint 1:
This puzzle is several simple letter substitution ciphers.
Hint 2:
The easiest puzzle to begin with is #5, Things Dracula doesn't want in his crypt. Note the first clue "FUAQQ" -- what anti-vampire word ends with two of the same letters?
Hint 3:
You only need to solve the ciphers until you figure out what the "X" letter is. If you're looking for help online the website is a good place to start.
Hint 4:
The first deciphered word in puzzle #5 is "CROSS"
Hint 5:
The first deciphered word in puzzle #4 is "COFFIN"
Hint 6:
The first deciphered word in puzzle #3 is "WRAPPINGS"
Hint 7:
The first deciphered word in puzzle #2 is "BEAKERS"
Hint 8:
The first deciphered word in puzzle #1 is "BLOODSTAINS"
Hint 9:
The final completed ciphers and keyword are found in the next block of text. If you do not wish to be spoiled, please do not continue.
The Solution:
1. *Things found in the Werewolf's lair*: bloodstains torn clothing silver bullets human bones teethmarks pawprints dander ("X" value is "E")

2. *Things found in Dr. Frankenstein's lab*: beakers lightning rod corpses surgical table anatomy book the monster sewing needles ("X" value is "G")

3. *Things found in the Mummy's tomb: wrappings sarcophagus hieroglyphics divine offering headpiece jewelry grave robber ("X" value is "I")

4. *Things found in Dracula's crypt*: coffin bats black cape cobwebs cloud of mist renfield vampire hunter ("X" value is "R")

5. *Things Dracula doesn't want in his crypt*: cross mirror wooden stake holy wafer garlic buds running water sunshine ("X" value is "M")

Taking each of the new "X" values and placing them into the proper spaces provided gives you the keyword "GRIMMER"

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