Tarot card puzzle for Ace of Clubs puzzle "A Reading of the Minds". Goal of the puzzle is to find which of the 22 major arcana tarot cards completes each of the 10 sets, then finding an 11th card that completes the set of 10 hidden cards.

Note: The difficulty in this puzzle is figuring out the category, so many of these hints make the solution very obvious! Proceed with caution!

Hints and Solutions Edit

Hint for Group 1

This category is based on a theme in the cards.

Solution for Group 1

This category is heavenly bodies. The missing card is 18 - The Moon

Hint for Group 2

Pay attention to the wording on the cards.

Solution for Group 2

These cards have one-word titles. The missing card is 8 - Strength

Hint for Group 3

Pay attention to the card numbers.

Solution for Group 3

These cards have perfect squares for numbers. The missing card is 16 - The Tower

Hint for Group 4

Pay attention to the spelling on the cards.

Solution for Group 4

This category has double letters in their titles. The missing card is 10 - Wheel of Fortune

Hint for Group 5

These cards are related to another common game.

Solution for Group 5

This cards are based on chess pieces. Tower (Rook), Chariot (Knight), Hierophant (Bishop), Empress (Queen). The missing card is 4 - Emperor (King)

Hint for Group 6

Look for similarities in the titles.

Solution for Group 6

Titles all begin with H. Missing card is 2 - The High Priestess

Hint for Group 7

You might have an advantage if you play Dungeons & Dragons.

Solution for Group 7

These cards have numbers that match the 5 Platonic Solids (these are also the most common-sided dice). The missing card is 12 - The Hanged Man

Hint for Group 8

Look closely at the card numbers.

Solution for Group 8

These cards have numbers divisible by 5. The missing card is 20 - Judgement

Hint for Group 9

Look closely at the titles.

Solution for Group 9

These cards all have 7-letter titles. The missing card is 0 - The Fool

Hint for Group 10

Your answer lies all over this page of the book.

Solution for Group 10

These cards are shown elsewhere on this page flipped upside down. The missing card is 14 - Temperance

Keyword Hint

As mentioned in the text, be sure to write down both the title AND number of the hidden cards you've solved so far.

Keyword Solution

The final category are even-numbered cards. The missing card (and keyword) is "The Lovers"

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